Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Prepping For The Baja 1000 Road Trip

Planned Itinerary:

Leave 11-12
Red Bluff 11-12 to 13
Sonoma 11-13 to 14
SF 11-14 to 11-17
Joshua Tree 11-17 to 19
Ensenada 11-19 to 23
San Felipe 11-23 to 26
San Diego 11-26 to 11-29
Irvine 11-29 to 30
Homeward bound 11-30

Well, last day before we leave and we have a lot to do to get ready. Plan is to leave at Noon tomorrow with our first night probably in Red Bluff (awesome right?).

Hugo has his Papers for Mexico and he is ready to roll.

We will try to post every day as long as we have internet access.



mmc said...

Hugo, don't get carsick. Have fun.

ria said...

hey you bastard, buckel up and dont stop to help any homeless, you didnt pack enough under-wear. Willy

Amelia said...

This is going to be the BEST TRIP in the STATE of NEW YORK. I'm having almost as much fun, writing a paper about the administration of an IQ test. I think I'll start a blog about that. I know there would be a lot of interest.


ria said...

hey guys, tried to call but you most be taken in the sights! Cant wait to see you on the baja ims sooooooo happy you will be there.have a safe trip, see you next Thur.!??