Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bowling Hijinx And Metal Snuggie Happenings

Well, Jim and Evyl K kicked off game night 2K10 with a vengeance!  Meat and Veggie lasagna (J&EVK), accompanied by artichoke spinach dip, garlic bread (Susan), cheese plate (Liby) green salad con cucumber dressing (Thea), moon pies (Heidi), and carmel cake for christs sake (Mo).

All the sweets were dedicated to Dan for his 50th b-day which is today!  Happy half century dude!

After fueling up, we headed out to the lanes if ya know what I'm sayin (I would call it a four lane but, we only had three)...

Only complaint is that the servers seemed to have taken the night off and we had to service ourselves.  Which in hindsight probably did us a service in the long run.

Not to be long in the tooth but, the bowling ruled and wish we had ordered the wings...

In order to combat this inadequacy, Liby purchased some socks from the vending machine before we started the bowling beat down.

Here is the end o night photo of the pro bowling team...

Now on to the snuggie fest.  Michael was the featured model for the night. Love how he sported Mom's slippers while toting the death metal brands with pride!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's Not Uranus!

Saw this bumper sticker last night while out with Evyl K...

And in light of that statement, today's post will celebrate the  advent of the motorcycle and it's abundant fuel efficiency.  Jim participated in this event and it was really cool.  We even saw Joe Hoogerhyde if you can believe that!


But before you go to the slideshow, here was my favorite entry.  The steam powered moto (according to Jim it runs and goes about 20-30mph).

Click on link or photo for the slideshow....

Motorcycle Party 2010-01-23

And then there's Josie...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Just A Friendly Reminder

When bowling of course...

Gotta love the jumper with stars and golden mullet.

We went bowling with Heidi and Julian to practice up for the big event on the 30th...  First game night of 2010!  Hosted by Evyl K and Jim.

We hit the lanes at Pro300 on Powell and this may be strange but, I liked reading the common questions page on the AMF web site.  Great stuff on the history of the AMF and bowling at large.

Based on the empirical scientific results, shit loads of practice shall not take us to the promised land I fear.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I've Got Cars And Crabs

First off, more cars from the hood (tail first of course)...

This one makes you want to roll a pack of smokes in your shirt sleeve

And it seems apropos to pull out your pipe and smoke it in this little number (P1800)


Now on to the crab!  We had a great night out with our posse at Bar Avignon last night.  They were serving up Dungeness crab and wine of course.  Nancy, Randy and staff did us up right once again!

This is our third crab of the year and see no reason to cut off the pipeline.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Spring Forward?

The sun is out, it's 52 degrees already and it was supposed to rain all day.  So much for Dave Salesky and his daring weather reporting.

Anyway, got out with Hugo and headed up to Peet's to pick up some more Arabian Mocha Java beans.  We snapped off a couple of photos on the way...



Thursday, January 14, 2010

Post Apizza Scholls Tankard Pop In

We had a great dinner with Jim, Evyl K and Josie on Wednesday night.

Susan and Krystin got on their Captian's look for Ellen behind the bar..

You must pay the rent.

I can't pay the rent!

You MUST pay the rent!


And then there's Hugo...


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Out And About Portland SE

We jumped at the chance to take a stroll with the Hugonot today in between the rains.  A balmy 54 degrees and glad we could get outside.

Here are a few photos from the outing...




Thursday, January 7, 2010

Where Have All The Sea Lions Gone?

Hum along to "Where Have All The Flowers Gone"...

Well we have an answer to the question as to why the Seal Lions disappeared from Pier 39 in SF recently. Coincidentally, we were staying at Bella Beach over New Years... and saw... Sea Lions!  Lots of 'em.

Hat tip to Thea for pointing this out right away on the trip (and the article from sfgate here)...


We also saw a flock of Pelicans which is odd for the Oregon coast in January and it all seems tied together as the article explains.

Here are some other photos from the weekend (click on the link or photo to go to the web album)...

Bella Beach 2010-01-01

Morning Glory

As it happens more and more as we get older, sleep deprivation can have a red lining...

As we were reading this early morning, I noticed the curtains were emanating a red hue and decicded to grab the camera.  Nice shot and rare for a Portland morning in January to say the least.