Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bowling Hijinx And Metal Snuggie Happenings

Well, Jim and Evyl K kicked off game night 2K10 with a vengeance!  Meat and Veggie lasagna (J&EVK), accompanied by artichoke spinach dip, garlic bread (Susan), cheese plate (Liby) green salad con cucumber dressing (Thea), moon pies (Heidi), and carmel cake for christs sake (Mo).

All the sweets were dedicated to Dan for his 50th b-day which is today!  Happy half century dude!

After fueling up, we headed out to the lanes if ya know what I'm sayin (I would call it a four lane but, we only had three)...

Only complaint is that the servers seemed to have taken the night off and we had to service ourselves.  Which in hindsight probably did us a service in the long run.

Not to be long in the tooth but, the bowling ruled and wish we had ordered the wings...

In order to combat this inadequacy, Liby purchased some socks from the vending machine before we started the bowling beat down.

Here is the end o night photo of the pro bowling team...

Now on to the snuggie fest.  Michael was the featured model for the night. Love how he sported Mom's slippers while toting the death metal brands with pride!

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