Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inauguration Libation Tour

Our inauguration day festivities started off with a visit to the doctor for a check up.

Susan grabbed this delicious looking latte from Stumptown Coffee on Division while I was giving up some blood.

We then walked up to Bar of the Gods but, they were closed (opened later than we were willing to wait). In passing, we considered the Space Room (love the sign and the Alien) but, this was not be and we ended up at Vertigo for an initial libation. The staff was very nice and we enjoyed our visit.

As we walked the strip, we had to swing by one of our favorite stores, Elsa + Sam. If you are in the market for some cool dishware, or just looking, we highly recommend checking this one out.

Bridgeport Brewery has always been on our list to check out and so we did. Had a great bottle of Pinot Noire there and passed out a couple of Obama buttons to some other patrons. We were under the impression that these guys were stilled owned by Ponzi Vineyards (we are wine club members) and found out that they were sold off long ago. Apparently the founders of Ponzi founded Bridgeport as well.

"1984 – The Ponzi Family founds Bridgeport, Oregon's first craft brewery and brewpub." - From the Ponzi Vineyard web site

We ended our day in search of some vittles. Meridian was the choice since we needed some hearty Mac & Cheese to soak up the wine.

So goes the day of Obama from the Brown's perspective.

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