Friday, January 16, 2009

Left, Left, Right, Left, Right

Walking has become a priority for us lately. As such, we bought some pedometers at REI on Super Clearance for $9 bucks each. Pretty good deal we think and we find them to be motivational as well. We shall see if we can stick to it!

We walked 10K+ steps the last 2 days and 5k+ steps today. Our trip today took us to the awesome New Seasons Market (corner of 20th & SE Division). We shot this sculpture dude outside the store and got a good photo of Hugo as well.

Our other priority is to shop the local independently owned stores in our hood. With this in mind, Hugo is sporting a wool sweater from Pets on Broadway, a vegan recycled bicycle tube collar by Etta Says purchased from For Paws on SE Division Street (between 31st & 32nd).

Shop these stores for your pet(s) as they have great stuff. Pets on Broadway has a huge selection and For paws is more on the boutique side with excellent customer service.

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