Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Holy Crab Batman!

Downtown or bust for the two of us. Had some estate planning business to attend to and we decided we had to hit our favorite Dungeness crab joint. And yes, that would be Jake's.

They served us up some awesome Kumamoto oysters (hit the link to read up on how this delectable oyster treat ended up on the west coast) and the BEST crab leg cocktail (just the fat part of the legs please).

To wash it down, we had an excellent Daedalus Pinot Noir.

Joe the crab seen below is not a permanent fixture but, a St. Patrick's Day annual visitor.

Important Factoid (from wikipedia):

The safest place to hold the Dungeness crab is its back. Although the hind part of the crab is commonly used to pick up the crab, their claws can sometimes reach the holder's hand.

Here is a tribute to Broadway street downtown.

And for the close, we shot another pretty cool sunset from our bedroom window.

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