Thursday, November 19, 2009

2 Cases Of 5oz Woozies

We were running low on the best hot sauce on the planet and received our shipment yesterday!  I think that Peter can testify to the validity of this claim as he is in Belize as we speak.

Since there web site is under construction still, the sauce can be ordered from here.  We are partial to the Habenero Pepper Sauce (red and pretty friggin hot) and the Green Habenero Sauce (green and not as hot but made with a tasty nopal/prickly pear foundation).

Note on the ordering site that the green with nopal is misrepresented with the wrong digital image of a red sauce and this caused me some confusion at first but, we did receive the right product.

Apparently woozy is the model of bottle for the product and not my state of mind (at least at this moment).

1 comment:

Peter said...

I can certainly attest to Marie Sharps as being one of the best concoctions available if you're into having your food taste great while still making your face burn.

I put it on everything.