Saturday, November 14, 2009

Thanksgiving Prep & Cannibas

We decided to get off our duffs and clear out the coat closet yesterday. The inspiration was provided by the coat drive we saw on the noon news. I think we dropped off 5 coats.

After that we headed to Grocery Outlet to buy up some goods to help the Oregon Food Bank distribute meals for Thanksgiving this year. Pretty amazing really what you can get for your money at this place and it was more fun to choose the foods rather than buying some pre-pack gift bag (not that this doesn't count of course).

Here is a shot of the Portland Airport (PDX) we snapped off as we drove by...

After our good deeds were completed, we stopped by New Seasons to order the Turducken meal we will be serving at our house this year.  To our surprise, we will have to cook it ourselves and this will take about 9 hours!

All I can say is sorry Susan and Let's Eat!

Oh, and if we need help finishing off the birds, we can grab our medical marijuana cards and head to the new Cannibas Cafe that just opened in Portland (at 4:20 of course).

Cannabis Cafe opens for medical marijuana patients in Northeast Portland

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