Monday, December 14, 2009

Christ And Into The Wild

After years of Xmas sans tree, a couple atheists have committed ourselves to a Christmas tree. I think this would make Bill O'Reilly proud (take that war on Xmas!).  Maybe I should retract and say this is a holiday tree.

The tree has an outer space and robot theme (nod to Obama for his focus on technology and education?). Pretty cool if I may say so myself.  We purchased the used fake tree from House of Vintage up on Hawthorne.

We even made some of our own ornaments by purchasing and creating Shrinky Dinks!

Plan is to post ornament photos tomorrow when we have better lighting.

On another note, Susan and I just read, "Into The Wild" by John Krakauer.  If you have not read this book, I would highly recommend it.  Great read, real story and a mystery like approach.

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