Wednesday, December 30, 2009


We were hit by a surprise snow storm yesterday afternoon.  I think we got about 2 inches which was quite impressive.

It was supposed to be gone by this morning but, whaddya know, it's still here!  Should melt off today though.


Susan got into the spirit  as you can see here with a delightful Deck Snow Angel...

It then proceeded to a full blown Snow Woman with a little help from Vueve Cliquot (Susan threw the kitchen sink into this one, or at least the sponge for the facial features)...

Due to the rain (or the drink), she didn't last long...

Off to the coast tomorrow and we will be in Cloud Nine.  Should be a blast with Evyl K, Jim, Thea and Michael.  Beach walks, hot tub, games and who knows what else.

Plan is to have a NYE Fondu, Crab Feast the next night and Fresh catch of the day for the third night.  Should be awesome!

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