Sunday, September 5, 2010

Best Get Started

Ah, Where to start.  It's been a hectic couple of weeks with all kinds of updates.

First up, Amelia and her friend Helen came in from DC for a week.  Lots of running around and fun had by all.

Here are a few pics from their visit...

And while all this was going on, Michael was planning a surprise birthday party for Thea's 40th!  Pretty ambitious and Susan and I volunteered to prep some vittles for the event.

I put together an album of the event as well...

Thea's Suprise 40th B-Day 2k10

And to top it off, we had a visitor of the four legged variety since Liby and Dan headed out to Hawaii leaving us all to fend off the infamous Portland Zombies.

The dogs have been gettting along famously and driving us nuts since they both have to crowd into the bed.

Here some pics of the love birds...

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kbk said...

That is hysterical. Hugo doesn't look too sure about things in that first shot but then they seem like good buddies. So cute.