Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beat The Heat 2009

We drove like bandits out of town yesterday in order to beat the heat. Maybe the best decision of 2009.

It was 103 yesterday, today tracking to 105 and possibly a record over 107 and tomorrow 104. In summary, brutal. If we wanted to live in the desert, we would have moved to the desert.

At the coast it was about 83 yesterday, maybe 87 today and 86 or so tomorrow. And to think I'm smiling about those temps says something.

And... If I hear another global warming denier say its "cold" in Chicago or Minneapolis this summer, I say come out west mofos.

Thought we would share some Cannon Beach photos as well (Click the photo for the slide show)

The Great Heatwave Escape (Cannon Beach OR)

Who would of guessed it could be so fuckin awesome at the coast? Probably most anyone.

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