Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Burney Falls Tomorrow - Happy 4th!

Damn straight! We are going camping and taking the Hugo and the Kayak for 4th weekend.

Meeting Heather, Doug & EJ with plans to attempt to catch some fresh trout and live off the fat of the land. With that in mind, we will be bringing Thai food from Pad Thai Kitchen for our first nights dinner (Drunken Noodle, Tofu and Red Curry, Pra Ram with Peanut Sauce).

The Forecast:

The Plan:

Water sports and hydration as it will be friggin hot as a MF'r. The river and Lake Britton should be accommodating in this respect.

Our site is very cool (we hope) that brags a small cabin, tent space, table, fire ring and parking for 2 vehicles. The grounds have real toilets and showers too! Not the Ritz but, what can you expect.

Have fun!

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