Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 2 Central Oregon

Hit the road around 11 yesterday intending to hit another lake on the way home for some more kayaking fun.

In our pursuit for the right spot, we came across Suttle Lake Lodge & Resort. Very cool place with newer large and small cabins for rent. This is on the list for an outing possibly with a group of friends.

Cap'n Hugo was way tired from all the excitement from yesterday's outing.

Keep your head down buddy...

Keep your butt up pup...

No need for any new fangled tractor for this dude...

Well Ma, where's the white lightning...

Saw this last one in the town of Sister's. Super touristy spot with lots of kitch.

Stopped at a road side stand and picked up some hand picked Morel mushrooms.  They smell amazing and the price was right. We bought about 3 ounces (dried) for $20.

So, we were going to hit Detroit Lake for some water fun but, found that it was heavily trafficked by speed boats and decided to just pass for the day.  We did stop for lunch at a day use area for the Upper Arm of Detroit Lake

We'll have to carve out some time during the weekdays to get out more this summer.

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