Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dim Sum, Unicorns And Gardening

Had a meet up with Mo and Evyl K (and Josie of course) for Dim Sum at the yummy Ocean City out on SE 82nd Street.  As it was a blizzard of dishes, no need to go into details here but, very tasty and we were packed to the gills.

And if you needed to grab a nap afterwards, the Unicorn Inn is right next door! 

Wonder if they have an hourly rate?

Yesterday was pretty nice.  Stopped into Dennis' 7 Dees after lunch to grab some plants for the front garden bed to accompany the roses.

First up, the Imperata Cylindrica (Red Baron).  Per Wikipedia, this plant has been used for thatching roofs in Papua New Guinea.

Next Up, the Brunerra Macrophylla (Lookinglass).  This plant has heart shaped leaves with a shine to 'em that will brighten up any garden.

Susan also chose a couple of Lavender plants for extra color.

Boom!  The Ligularia (The Rocket) comes at you with brute force.  This baby is perported to be a hummingbird favorite.

In order to keep The Rocket under supervision, we added Lugularia Dentata (Othello).  This fella has the nickname elephant ears based on size and the shape of the leaves.

Throw another Fern on the bed...

Can't wait to see how this fleshes out the rose garden.  Should be downright awesome.

Oh, and we picked up this man eater the other day as well for the indoor area...

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